Packing a lunch for yourself? For your spouse? For your children? A bag for the sandwich, one for a few carrot sticks and one for a treat. Add up those discarded plastic bags - every work day and school day, throughout the year. Two people will pay for, use once and discard hundreds of bags each year. A family of four will do the same for over a thousand bags each year.

We should all be concerned about the cost and environmental impact of food waste. Whether we look at reports of tens of millions of tons of food that ends up in landfills or the cost to our own families when we toss spoiled food, we need to be smart about food storage and organization. That’s why we developed a solution.

We wanted quality containers in usable sizes and shapes. We wanted them to be reusable - after refrigeration, microwaving and dishwashing. We wanted them to be BPA-Free and recyclable. We wanted containers that would stack nicely in the refrigerator and nested nicely in our cabinets. And we wanted to stop wasting time looking for which lid matched which container. That’s why we developed Mr. Lid.

- You never lose the lid! Its part of the container.
- Mr. Lid is BPA-Free, reusable and recyclable.
- Designed for performance and ease of use
- Tested through over 100 industrial dish-washing cycles